When you leave The Rebellion, your tattoo will be bandaged. Please leave the bandage on for at least 3 hours. Immediately after the bandage is removed, you will begin a two-week routine of washing and moisturizing your tattoo.

With clean hands, wash the tattoo with fragrance-free liquid anti-bacterial hand soap (such as Softsoap or Dial) about three times per day either in the shower or with a wet paper towel. Do not use a washcloth. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Once dry you will apply moisturizer. For the first two days of healing you will use Aquaphor to moisturize; for the remainder of the two weeks you will use a dye-free, fragrance-free lotion (We personally prefer Aveeno, but Lubriderm or Curel will work just as well). Apply sparingly, being sure to cover the entirety of your new piece. Moisturize directly after each wash and as needed otherwise, usually 4-6 time per day total. Maintain special diligence to the schedule during the first 4 days after you get the tattoo.

As indicated above, it is very important to keep the tattoo clean. This means that you will want to remain conscious of the tattoo and what it comes into contact with it. If you accidentally touch the tattoo to an outdoor wall, let an animal lick or touch it or otherwise expose it to anything that may have germs, you will want to wash it right away.

DO NOT soak the tattoo in any water. Avoid all water contact except for in the shower this means NO Baths, NO Swimming Pools, NO Hot Tubs, NO Lakes, Rivers, Oceans etc. for the entire duration of healing.

DO NOT expose the tattoo to direct sunlight for the duration of healing.

DO NOT pick or scratch the tattoo for the duration of healing.

DO NOT use any other ointments other than the recommended lubricants for the duration of the tattoo.

You will notice that the fresh tattoo will feel similar to a sunburn for several days, it will be sore and may itch. There is a small chance parts may scab, if they do so it is important that they heal naturally at their own pace. The tattoo may also peel (very similarly to a sunburn) or shed the first layer of skin. All of this is completely normal and is no cause for concern.

Please contact us directly with any concerns you may have.