The London convention this year was a huge success. It was also the best convention I’ve ever been to, we had a blast! Not a bad start for The Rebellion’s convention career. Jher and Preston were busy, busy, busy tattooing all day every day, doing fun custom tattoos while Slaer and the girls worked their booties off seOur fellow 'Exhibitors' in Londonlling merchandise (of which we sold a ton!).┬áThank you to everyone we tattooed and who bought stuff from us. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

All of that being said, the real purpose of this post is  bit conceited really. I really just wanted to brag for a second. The convention was separated into maybe 15-20 smaller glass rooms, with each room housing maybe 7-10 booths. Im not sure how they chose where to put everybody, but we got placed in an AMAZING room with some real tattoo legends. It is an honor just to be mentioned in the same lineup as some of these guys.