The Human Skull, by Preston Chambers

The Human Skull, by Preston Chambers

Preston’s books have received a great review in the current issue of Tattoo Artist Magazine! If you are unfamiliar with the magazine, it is probably because you don’t work in the tattoo industry. Tattoo Artist Magazine is, hands down, the best tattoo magazine available in the country, however it is only available to those working in a licensed tattoo studio (look for Tattoo Collector Magazine for the layperson). The magazine’s review stated “…absolutely amazing…Super cool, check ’em out…”.

If you are unfamiliar with the books, they are two photographic reference books made and published by Preston himself. Each softcover book contains 80 pages of photographs Preston took to use for his own artistic reference. The first book, The Human Skull, is just that, fancy photos of human skulls. The second book, Filigree, is dedicated to all kinds of fancy ornamental filigree. Click here for page views and more information.

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